Brenda Dewey

‘Office Angels’ volunteer to assist with mailings, newsletter folding and other administrative projects. Our goal is to have one volunteer in the office each week for about two hours to help with office tasks, such as addressing cards, helping organize children’s activity folders, updating our parish directory database. There is no set schedule for this ministry, we would greatly appreciate your time. Let us know the hours you are available!


Simon McCloud, Treasurer

The Finance Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who meet monthly to review the budget and finances of the church. They advise the Vestry and work closely with the Treasurer, Financial Administrator, and the Rector. 


Richard Rogers - Senior Warden, Cari Hawn - Junior Warden

The Vestry, the governing body of the church, consists of 12 elected members. Each January, at the Annual Parish Meeting, four new vestry members are elected for three-year terms. Vestry members, the Rector and Financial Administrator meet monthly.